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Outcome 8

Communicate effectively in writing, orally, and in using information technologies.

Part of my job at NEKLS is to occasionally present at workshops. This past summer I created an 8-page handout¬†for a session on “Maintenance Musts” at the 2008 NEKLS Tech Day. It provides helpful tips and reminders for NEKLS librarians who maintain their own computers. I am very pleased with how the handout turned out and the response it has received; it will be helpful to give out to new NEKLS public librarians in the coming years.

I also write for the NEKLS Website, the NEKLS Technology blog and the NEKLS Technology Knowledgebase (KB). One post I recently wrote on the Tech KB dealt with a Windows Update error that many of my librarians had been reporting. I blogged about a series of steps to help resolve these problems.

Finally, this online portfolio, as well as the presentation method of many of my artifacts demonstrates my abilities in information technologies.

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