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Outcome 5

Lead appropriate change by using effective collaborative, communication and organizational skills.

During several classes, I have taken the lead in group projects, especially in developing the technology tools and presentations used. Also, in my current job at the Northeast Kansas Library System, every day I lead through the technology support I provide for librarians and assisting librarians in purchasing and updating technology in their libraries. Directing libraries in their use of technology places a lot of weight on my shoulders, because these libraries are looking to me as the “expert.” It can be overwhelming at times, but is an important element of my work.

For my first artifact on this outcome, I have chosen a website and presentation which were for a group presentation on Medical Subject Headings (MeSH). I successfully taught my group how to build our presentation website, through WordPress. The other group members never used WordPress before, but because we were all separated by distance, we needed a tool where we could all collaborate on the project. I suggested WordPress as the tool to use. I created a handout to share with group members and between the handout and email assistance, we successfully created a website that is still available to explain Medical Subject Headings. I also created the presentation for the in-class presentation. 

The second artifact I chose are the elements of a government documents group presentation for Basic Print and Electronic Sources. For our presentation, my group chose to build a website for the presentation. I took the content that the group members provided, and developed several webpages; I also repackaged the website into a printable handout for class members to download and use. The site is still available today and the artifact page has links to the webpage and the handout. 

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