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Outcome 3

Conduct an information needs assessment, and design and evaluate customized information services and products based on those needs.

One of the most important lessons I have learned at SLIM is to always be ready to repackage information based on your customers. This is especially true when working with technology. Depending on the audience and needs, sometimes a simple web page might suit the needs of the organization and sometimes a large, complex website is necessary. One must interview the customer(s) and then design based on the discovered needs.

I have chosen (potentially) three artifacts for this outcome.

The first artifact is a paper I wrote for Networking in Information Agencies. Based on a fictional description of a fictional library, I had to design technology purchases for a library that was in the process of upgrading its out-of-date network. This paper describes the process and the proposal for the library. 

The second artifact is a website redesign group project** for the Bonner Springs City Library. The group interviewed several staff and library patrons before beginning the redesign, as well as evaluating the current website.

The third artifact is a database project** developed for the Northeast Kansas Library System to track hardware and software purchasing, as a part of a database class. Before starting on the database design, several interviews with staff members involved in the purchasing process took place. 

**NOTE: Only one artifact is fully completed at this time. The other two are from classes currently in progress. Depending on those projects outcomes, I may have 2-3 artifacts for this outcome, but will not know until those projects are completed. 

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